Juan Galvan advocates for the inclusion of the Latino Muslim voice in the mainstream Muslim narrative. He pushes for increased visibility of America’s Latino Muslims in religious publications. Juan has assisted dozens of students, professors, and reporters with research and has provided access to the Latino Muslim community through interviews and his writings. In 2017, he coauthored a report called Latino Muslims in the United States: Reversion, Politics, and Islamidad. He has been invited to speak at various Islamic conferences.

He has developed a growing national reputation as a content expert on the Latino Muslim community through newspaper interviews and publications. Juan has been quoted in many publications including the New York Times, the Houston Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times. Hernán Rozemberg of the San Antonio Express-News wrote in 2005, “After becoming a Muslim, (Juan) Galvan made it his personal mission to inform the country about Latino Muslims.”

In 2002, Juan Galvan spearheaded the first ever issue dedicated to Latino Muslims in Islamic Horizons, a highly recognized magazine dedicated to the North American Muslim community. He has also coordinated two issues of The Message Internationalmagazine focusing on Latino Muslims in 2004 and 2005.

Juan is a third-generation Mexican-American and the son of migrant workers. He is the third of eight children and spent his early years hoeing cotton in the rural Texas Panhandle.  Juan was the first in his family to pursue a higher education and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (BBA-MIS) from The University of Texas at Austin. He lives in the Midwest with his wife and three sons. Juan encourages others to expand their views on the Latino and Muslim identity as he has learned through his own personal experiences.

Juan’s most recent book is titled “And One of His Signs…”: Quran Verses that Softened my Heart.” It is available on Amazon.

You can learn more about his efforts at latinomuslim.com.