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Latin America’s fastest-growing faith resents terror allegations from U.S.

By Michele SalcedoSun-SentinelSeptember 1, 2003 PORLAMAR, MARGARITA ISLAND, Venezuela — Margariteños cannot figure out how their picturesque island off the coast of Venezuela became a battleground in the war on terrorism. No bomb ever exploded here, no shot fired. But the Bush administration has the island, and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, […]

Latin American Muslims Discuss Image In Media

RABAT, September 16, 2003 ( – The heads of the Islamic associations and cultural centers in Latin American countries are meeting in Curaçao Island in the Netherlands Antilles (the Caribbean Islands) on September 16-18 under the auspices of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The three-day meeting is part of relentless efforts to implementing […]

Competing for Souls

Susana HaywardKnight RidderThe Mercury NewsJune 27, 2003 SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico – Outside this city of colonial churches and cobblestone streets built by Maya and Spaniards, Juan Gomez finds shade from a blinding afternoon sun inside his small wooden hut. A beatific smile radiates from the young Tzotzil Maya as he haltingly reads […]

¡Hola Islam!: The Muslim faith is not as foreign to Latino culture as we might think.

By Sofia QuinteroSummer Salwa (née Silvia) Del Carmen has been asked a lot of silly questions since becoming a Muslim at the age of 15, but she insists that there are few contradiction between Latino culture and Islamic beliefs, and those that exist are minor. “No more arroz con salchichón,” she jokes. “We change […]

Are There More José Padillas To Come?

By A. Mario CastilloDemocratic UndergroundJune 11, 2003 On June 5, Attorney General John Ashcroft testified before the House Judiciary Committee. He defended the Justice Department’s detention of illegal immigrants after the September 11 terrorist attacks. And, he asked for expansion of The USA Patriot Act powers to pursue terrorists operating in this country. His testimony […]

Muslims make effort to welcome Hispanic ‘reverts’

By Ira J. HadnotThe Dallas Morning NewsOctober 25, 2003 DALLAS – The Espinoza family was eagerly awaiting its first observance of Ramadan, the month-long Muslim period of fasting that began Sunday. Anticipation swelled into a smile on Ericka Espinoza’s face. Raised a Catholic, the 27-year-old Hispanic mother of two said she is ready to rise […]

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