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Alleged ‘Dirty Bomber’ and I Would Have Been Prison Buddies

By Joe LoyaPacific News ServiceJune 13, 2002 For PNS contributor and ex-con Joe Loya, “dirty bomb” suspect Abdullah al Muhajir — a Latino who converted to Islam after release from prison — is familiar. Loya met and used to sympathize with many Latino Muslims during his incarceration, and he explains what a Brooklyn-born former gang […]

Latino Muslim speaks about religion

By Ali FardDaily Staff WriterMarch 12, 2002 Daniel Islam Denton spoke about the Aztec Calendar and the history of the Spanish invasion of Mexico at the Latin-American Experience in the engineering building Friday. The Muslim Student Association and MEChA sponsored a lecture titled “The Latin-American Experience” on Thursday in the Engineering building room189. Mohammad Naaman, […]

“From the Alamo to Kosovo”: The Anti-Muslim/Hispanic Movement in Texas

By Edward H. SebestaThe TouchstoneVol. XII, No. 3Summer 2002 This article was originaly published in the summer 2002 issue of the Touchstone, an alternative newspaper published in the College Station area in Texas. “The Decline of the West: From the Alamo to Kosovo” was the cover title of the June 1999 Chronicles magazine published by […]

Hispanic or African-American Jihad?

By Earl Ofari HutchinsonAlterNetJune 17, 2002 The instant Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that Abdullah Al Muhajir, aka Jose Padilla, was being held on suspicion of plotting to devastate a city, probably Washington D.C., with a radioactive “so-called “dirty bomb,” terrorism experts had a field day speculating that the former Chicago street gang thug’s diabolical […]

Islam gains Hispanic adherents in Hudson

By Falasten M. AbdeljabbarThe Jersey Journal staff writerFebruary 01, 2002 Touching her forehead to the green-striped carpet in whispered prayer, 26-year-old Nida Martinez submitted to what she calls “the will of Allah.” “Islam gave me character, and it’s the way I live my life,” said the Colombian-born Martinez, who changed her name from Andrea to […]


By Asma Gull Hasan,Pakistan Link WriterFebruary 2002 Latino in a Shalwar Kameez: “Whoa I’m a Muslim”When I was in middle school, I remember reading a story book about Tariq bin Ziyad, the general of the Muslims who had conquered Spain in 711. These Muslims later became known as the “Moors” after the reconquest of Spain […]

Latino Muslims: The Changing Face of Islam in America

By Samantha Sanchez and Juan GalvanIslamic Horizons MagazineJuly/August 1423/2002, Pp 22-30. The face of Islam is changing in the U.S. as more and more people revert. While there have always been record numbers of African American and Caucasian American reverts, the Muslim community is becoming even more diverse. In recent years, the number of Latino […]

Latinos embracing Islam, but ‘dirty bomb’ case brings unwanted attention

By Daniel Gonz√ɬ°lezArizona RepublicJune 28, 2002 Melissa Morales, a Latina born in Puerto Rico, was eating in a local Mexican restaurant recently when the waiter wanted to know why she covered her head in a long black scarf. “Eres monjita?” the Spanish-speaking waiter asked. Are you a nun? Her answer caught the waiter by surprise. […]

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