Latino Muslim Articles (Archives)

Newspaper and magazine articles about Latino Muslims from 1992 until 2015 reveal a growing interest in this community. Notably, in 2011 alone, there were 25 articles dedicated to exploring various aspects of the Latino Muslim experience.

El Puente: Islam Catching On Among Latinos

El Puente Del CincoNovember 15,2004 RICHARDSON, Texas — One-fifth of the world’s population practices Islam, including more and more Latinos in north Texas. Prayer and passionately studying the Quran are a way of life in the Islamic religion. It’s a strange concept for many Latinos, because most practice Catholicism. Colombian-born Abu Abudurahman shocked his parents […]

Gathering Of Peace Latino Muslims Gather At South Bay Mosque

By Christopher Patrick NelsonSilicon Valley DeBugAugust 19th, 2004 On Friday August 19th, 2004, the Muslim Community Association mosque held an event showcasing Latino Muslims. For those who don’t know, a mosque is a house of prayer similar to a Catholic cathedral, Christian church, or Jewish synagogue. Muslims worship the same God as Catholics, Christians, and […]

Allah in America

Deep in the New Mexico desert lies Dar al Islam, a Muslim oasis of cultural immersion and religious study By Kathy PintoStar-TelegramOctober 25, 2003 The mosque at Dar al Islam is open year-round to Muslims and non-Muslims. ABIQUIU – For centuries the high desert of northern New Mexico has drawn diverse people and cultures — […]

Muslim kids want you to know what their religion is all about

By Amber Bollman, 16,Andrea Cowden, 13,Lisa Schubert, 16Y-Press, May 2003 This story originally ran in The Indianapolis Star on February 25, 1996. What do you think of when you think of Muslims? For a lot of people, the Islamic religion brings to mind terrorists and fundamentalist maniacs. In truth, though, American Muslims are regular people. […]

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