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The Latino American Da’wah Organization and the “Latina/o Muslim” Identity in the U.S.

By Patrick D. BowenJournal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion:Volume 1, Issue 11 (September 2010) Introduction: LADO and the Growth of the U.S. Latina/o Muslim Community Latina/os have been slowly and quietly converting to Islamic communities in the U.S. since at least the 1920s. Many conversions came through contact with African-American-majority Muslim movements such as Moorish […]

Early U.S. Latina/o – African-American Muslim Connections: Paths to Conversion

By Patrick D. BowenThe Muslim WorldVol. 100 no. 4 (2010), pp. 390-413. Introduction While the literature concerning Latina/o Muslims in the United States has been growing, much about them still has yet to be explored, including the history of those who converted through joining African-American-majority Islamic groups prior to 1975 (the year of the formation […]

Latina/o y Musulmán: The Construction of Latina/o Identity among Latina/o Muslims in the United States

By Hjamil A. Martínez-VázquezPickwick PublicationsJanuary 1, 2010, 160 pages Book Description: Latinas/os are the fastest growing “minoritized” ethnic group in the United States and Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the U.S. It is therefore no surprise that the Latina/o Muslim population is one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S. […]

Happy Ramadan, Latino Muslims. Have We Got A Date For You.

By Alex AlvarezGuanabeeSeptember 18, 2009 (Forgive our pun. Please.) We often discuss religion and Latinos on this site in terms of crippling Catholic and Jewish guilt, and sometimes touch upon the rise in Latino Evangelical Christians, but rarely do we mention the other People of the Book. Since we’re currently in the midst of Ramadan, […]

NU Cultural Groups Host Film, Rapper

By Maria LaMagnaThe Daily NorthwesternOctober 27, 2009 For students of both Hispanic heritage and Muslim faith, an event Tuesday unified the two worlds as several women filed into McCormick Tribune Center’s auditorium wearing traditional Muslim hijab while others chatted in Spanish and embraced. The students were scattered around the auditorium to view “New Muslim Cool,” […]

Islamic and Hispanic Cultures Intermesh as Muslim Community grows

By Spence KimballThe MonitorAugust 08, 2009 McAllen-Islam came to Dante Peña late in life. Peña grew up in a Catholic home under the influence of his deeply religious mother. His Catholic faith played such a central role in his life that he decided to become a priest. But Peña felt unfulfilled after he completed his […]

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