Latino Muslim Articles (Archives)

Newspaper and magazine articles about Latino Muslims from 1992 until 2015 reveal a growing interest in this community. Notably, in 2011 alone, there were 25 articles dedicated to exploring various aspects of the Latino Muslim experience.

America’s Muslim population is gaining a Hispanic accent

By Sherri DaySt. Petersburg TimesFebruary 9, 2008 At 75,000 to 200,000, the converts are a significant group. TAMPA – Before the women can begin, they must pray. Propped up by pillows, they sit in a circle on the floor, cup their hands upward and close their eyes. “Give us clarity, Allah,” a woman intones. “Give […]

Victor Perez

OneNationMarch 2007 While he prefers to be called by his Muslim name, Abdullahi, Victor Perez, 41, is often referred to as “Vic” by the other boxing trainers at Mendez Gym in the heart of New York City. A Puerto Rican American born in “Spanish Harlem,” Abdullahi turned to Islam in 1994. Abdullahi, who has trained […]

U.S: Hispanics and Islam

By Sameera IqbalABCNewsNovember 20, 2007 Why Some Hispanic Converts to Islam Say They Feel Closer to God Olé! Allah! Most people would guess that these two words are worlds apart, but they’re actually not. Surprisingly, nearly 200,000 Latinos in the United States identify themselves as Muslims, according to the American Muslim Council. What accounts for […]

BC Islamic Society Introduces Latin Muslims

By Ezra RichBrooklyn ExcelsiorMarch 26, 2007 Last week, the Islamic Society and Latin Women hosted an event on Latin American Muslims. The event featured two Ecuadorian Americans who converted to Islam from Catholicism. The event, entitled “Latin Muslims: the Sons and Daughters of Golden Spain,” focused on two seemingly different cultural groups, Muslims and Latinos, […]

More Hispanic Americans are Converting to Islam

By Steve MortVoice of AmericaFebruary 9, 2007 The number of Hispanic Americans converting to Islam is growing rapidly — particularly in New York, California, Texas and Florida, which have the greatest concentration of Hispanic residents. Muslim leaders say interest in Islam has increased in the past few years, and they also note that Muslims and […]

Hispanic Muslims in Atlanta Overcome Anti-Muslim Stereotypes

By Ana Catalina VarelaMundo HispanicoMarch 1, 2007 Hispanic Muslims in Atlanta are set on changing the negative image that some in the Latino community might have of them. That is the mission of the Atlanta Latino Muslim Association (ALMA), a group founded by Siri Carrion, a Puerto Rican woman who is also Muslim. Wearing her […]

Latino-Muslims Share Experiences at Dar-Al-Hijrah Event

By Farkhunda AliMuslim Link PaperMay 18, 2007 Fernando Saravia, at age 23, made the most difficult decision in his life. He left his family’s traditional Catholic values and converted to Islam right before the events of 9/11. Saravia told the Muslim Link the first time he heard the recitation of the Quran, “it touched my […]

From Cross to Crescent – Why Latinos are Increasingly Converting to Islam

By Anthony ChiorazziBustedHalo.comMay 14, 2007 As a girl in Catholic school, Khadijah Rivera dreamed of becoming a nun despite the fact she feared Jesus. She was frightened by her church’s bloodied statue of Christ nailed to the cross and was plagued with fear when receiving communion. “When I used to put the host in my […]

Hispanic Muslim Day – The Beauty of Family in Islam

By Najwa AwadReadingIslam.comJune 3, 2007 In the late morning of May 12, 2007, Muslims and non-Muslims, Hispanics and non-Hispanics gathered at Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in northern Virginia for an extraordinary event. It was the first ever Hispanic Muslim Day. People of various ages, ethnicities, and religions gathered for a day of meaningful and […]

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