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Latino Muslim by Design: A Study of Race, Religion and the Internet in American Minority Discourse

By Harold Daniel MoralesThesis/dissertation, 240 pagesUniversity of California, Riverside, 2012. Abstract: A growing community of Latino Muslims in the United States expands already dynamic categories of what it means to be a Latino and what it means to be a Muslim at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Through various avenues, including the Internet, Latinos […]

Hablamos Islam Niños

By Neda HashmiMuslim Link PaperMarch 31, 2011 Couple Fills Void In Spanish Books for Muslim Children Like many bilingual parents, Wendy Diaz and her husband Hernan Guadalupe decided that once they start a family, they will first teach their native language, Spanish, so the children will be able to learn their mother tongue. They not […]

Islam in America… en Español

By Wilfredo Amr RuizThe Huffington PostNovember 16, 2011 America’s ever-growing Latino-Muslim population has yet to be estimated statistically. However, it is indisputable that with exponential growth Latino-Muslims find increasing presence and voice in the American Muslim public square. Latino paths to Islam are as diverse as Hispanic countries of origin and roots: from the Caribbean, […]

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