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New Muslims to Islam

By Marina JiménezNational PostJanuary 19, 2002 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Like all Americans, Debra Portmann felt overcome with grief after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and mourned for the slaughter of her countrymen. But she also felt something else: a lingering sadness for Islam itself, a faith she felt had been grossly abused by the terrorists […]

Ramadan in Mexico

By Mudar AbdulghaniIslamOnlineNovember 23, 2002 MEXICO CITY, November 23,2002 (IslamOnline) – Muslims in Mexico started observing the holy month of Ramadan on November 6. Some Muslims determined the date based on information received from Islamic countries, while others used information received from adjacent countries, mainly the USA. The moon sighting information from abroad concurred with […]

Islam in Cuba

Sheikh Muhammad Al-AboudyDiscourse HavanaSafar 5/May 9 Sheikh Muhammad bin Nassir Al-Aboudy, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL), has expressed the hope that the government of Cuba would respond positively to a request for the establishment of an Islamic organization that would take care of the affairs of Cuba’s Muslim community. Among […]

A Spanish bridge to Islam

By Sara B. MillerThe Christian Science MonitorOctober 02, 2002 Spain’s Muslim converts reach out to Moroccan immigrant women and children. MADRID – As a teenager, Elena Rodriguez Arteaga visited the Alhambra, Granada’s great Moorish citadel, and became intrigued with Spain’s Muslim past. She studied its role in her overwhelmingly Catholic country, and the more she […]

Islam Is Also an Alternative for Latinos in the United States

By Anna CuencaAssociated PressDecember 28, 2001 Posted Monday December 31, 2001 LOS ANGELES — Latinos who don’t drink, eat pork or even dance might feel out of step with their families or with other Latin Americans. Just the same, about 40,000 Latinos living in the United States find that Islam meets other needs and provides […]

Alleged ‘Dirty Bomber’ and I Would Have Been Prison Buddies

By Joe LoyaPacific News ServiceJune 13, 2002 For PNS contributor and ex-con Joe Loya, “dirty bomb” suspect Abdullah al Muhajir — a Latino who converted to Islam after release from prison — is familiar. Loya met and used to sympathize with many Latino Muslims during his incarceration, and he explains what a Brooklyn-born former gang […]

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