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Ibrahim Gonzalez, a Bronx artist, activist and musician known for his work in community television and radio, dead at age 57

By Denis SlatterNew York Daily NewsJune 5, 2013 Norwood resident became a presence on local cable access channel Bronxnet, hosted two programs on radio station WBAI, cofounded Alianza Islamica Ibrahim Gonzalez, a Bronx artist, activist and musician known for his work in community television and radio, died in his sleep Tuesday at age 57. His […]

A Brief History of ‘Latinos’ in the Nation of Islam

By David J. MuhammadThe Final CallSeptember 4, 2012 In the early 1930s Master Fard Muhammad, the supremely wise teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his student of the ultimate unity between Blacks and the native indigenous peoples of this hemisphere. This process began first with qualifying Black people through a process of re-education and […]

Hispanic Islamic Converts Find Comfort In God And Latino Culture

By Zuania RamosThe Huffington PostSeptember 11, 2012 She left behind everything she learned as part of her Catholic upbringing in a Hispanic family to convert to Islam. She now ensures that her body is entirely covered by clothing when she goes out and lives her life by the strict structures of her new religion. Kalene […]

The Secret Muslim: A Mexican immigrant converts against her parents’ wishes

By AnonymousYouth CommunicationSeptember 12, 2012 Names have been changed There are many religions around the world, and millions of people like me who convert from one religion to another. But I’ll bet few of those converts are 17-year-old Latin American girls who switched from Christianity to Islam. It all started when my family and I […]

Latino Muslims Carving A New American Identity

By Erika L. SánchezCommon Ground News ServiceDecember 11, 2012 Of Mexican heritage, Marta Khadija, president of LALMA, La Asociación Latino Musulmana de América (The Latino Muslim Association of America – LALMA), converted to Islam in 1983. She had been unhappy with her spiritual life and when she moved to the United States, her Muslim friends […]

Muslims in South Florida include growing number of Hispanics

By Colleen WrightThe Miami HeraldJuly 19, 2012 When South Florida’s approximately 100,000 Muslims on Friday begin observing Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic faith, one of those who will be celebrating is Aisha Kanar. Kanar, whose family fled the Cuban Revolution when she was 5, was raised in a Roman Catholic family. Growing up […]

Latino Muslims Search for Identity, Community in the Bronx

By Elizabeth BarberNorwood NewsDecember 3, 2012 In Masjid Annasr’s prayer space on a Saturday afternoon, Zaynab al-Samat is in a minority of one. A slight woman dressed in a pale purple abaya and matching hijab, she is the only Hispanic supplicant at this roomy northwest Bronx mosque that almost exclusively serves a local West African […]

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